“We are a professional E-Commerce service provider with longstanding experience in the field. We are committed to help companies across various industries to streamline their business processes through optimum solutions. We work to augment the growth of startups, small businesses, and enterprises in different regions. Predicated on a customer-centric mindset, we understand the challenges across business functions and recognize company values. This enables us to bring forward customized approach that leverages the latest technology with solid localization strategies. We believe localization makes better globalization” globalization”

——- Team iLokol

By accessing our massive catalogue of merchants and purchasable items, you can easily get information on the latest and greatest products trending locally, along with the best deals and discounts available in your city.

Quality Products At Your Fingertips.

Get the products you want using our intuitive real-time search engine. With straightforward navigation, you will be able to find where products are in stock and compare prices in stores nearby.

Digital Membership Cards play an important role in closing the loop in O2O, allowing customers to earn redeemable points with every transaction made. It is an effective way of increasing customer retention, at the same time making local shops more price competitive.

Personalized Merchant Dashboard

From Social integration to Mobile application management, we offer a comprehensive series of backend services dedicated to support the application that frontend consumers are using every day. In addition, we provide Marketing Dashboard that enables our business clients to track a combination of social media, sales and web traffic which are all crucial to efficiently identify marketing opportunities. Paving the way for attracting, engaging and retaining customers.

Join Us

Through improving transaction efficiency and by creating more opportunities, we hope each and every one can be the beneficiary of the ongoing E-commerce boom. We invite you to share our vision and our commitment to creating an excellent E-commerce experience for all. Together, Let’s Debug the World.

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